In strings instruments, fret wire greatly affects correct tuning, tone, and playability, depending on what type of “bead” or “crown” is used for the fret wire (I, e, size, shape, or hardness).

Sanko fret wires have been used by many musical instrument manufactures all over the world.

Any inquiry is welcome and we do accept special orders as for both coil and cut specifications for the fret wire.


Material; Nickel silver

Model type; See pages 2-5

Hardness ; HV-110-200 (5 Level)

Dimple spacing ; 2.5mm

Packing Specification

450~500mm (diameter) ;

30~50kg (weight) per one coil

Specification of precut fret

Since this type of fret wire is cut by our apecially developed precision cutter, a cross section of this fret wire is more accurate, looks more attractive, and contributes more to efficiency compare to other products currently available, Fill out the box □ of page 6 (Cut specifications for the fret wire) for placing orders or inquiries.

Cut length 15-150mm

(both edges to be notched or not)

Finger board radious; 180-800mm

Model type; See pages 2~5

A special spring (coil insert) to prevent the bolt or screw from being loosening by shock is also available.

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